Anyone familiar with them?


Despite my dislike for their name, I've been digging some of their stuff. It seems to fluctuates between Gaelic punk and...pirate punk? Yeah, pirate punk I guess.

I do wish they'd stop leading every song with that damn whistle though.
They say the old woman's got the wisdom
'Cause she couldn't read the clock anymore
She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for
The name is sh*t
The whistle is sh*t
The music is O.K.
The cheesy irishy pirate gimmick is horrible.

Not my cuppa tea at all, i only have room in my life for 2 wannabe celtic bands (DKM and Real McKenzies)
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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I guess she's pretty hot if you're into that "having a good music video, but not better than Beyonce's" kind of thing...
If I want to hear gaelic I'll listen to Oi Polloi.
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