Traded in alot of old gear a few months ago and i swapped it for the Jackson, Reason i am selling is because it just doesnt have the neck for me. This guitar does have a good cut away though so it is easier to reach the higher frets and since the neck is shaven its really easy to move quicky when only playing lightly on the neck.

Bearly used this guitar as my schecter is simular to it however i prefer the neck on it, this guitar is virtually brand new, it has no scratches or chips/dints in it.
The retail for these is at around £529 ive found, i will be selling this for £390

Any offers or swaps get back to me !
I will only be able to deal with people Within the UK, apologies to anyone from abroad.

Many thanks
Wrong forum dude, try Gear Ads.
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Pics will improve your odds of selling this....
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