hey all.

Shitty thread title i know.

But im in need of a boost.

Im looking at the MI Audio boost and buff(cause its cheap her in Aus) or the BBE Boosta Grande(also can get very cheap, cheaper then the MI Audio).

Im look for a clean boost.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Also looking for something to tighten up my overall sound and maybe add abit of gain.
Was looking at a Zakk Wylde OD Or a Tubescreamer Type pedal.

So i hope someone can help me out.
Especially with the Boost.

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Vox Big Ben Boost.
I'm really fond of my Fulltone OCD. It gives my 6505 a "Marshallesque" growl that you could otherwise NEVER get out of a 6505.
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Out of all the boost pedals nothing compares to my Bad Monkey... The pedal is a freak of nature....

I'll agree with that. Especially for Digitech.
I noticed our local GC stopped carrying them too!
All the old Digitech pedals got replaced with the new Hardwire series pedals.
I was wondering if they've been discontinued?
It's only $40 USD

MXR MC-401 Boost is $99 USD

Or, you can get the MC-402 which is a clean boost and an overdrive in the same pedal for $139 USD.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.