My 12yr old daughter has expressed an interest in learning to play and would like me to teach her. While I'm not a teacher by any stretch I am capable of showing her basic chords, a little theory and some simple picking things. She has several years of piano behind her and understands things like counting, rhythm, whole notes, half notes etc and that type of stuff

My question is where should I start? Last night we had our first lesson and talked about basics like holding the pick, strumming downstroke technique, pushing close to frets etc. We then fingered Em, strumming and counting and switching to A and then back to Em. Finally I showed her a little bass run using the top three string with a very simple pattern.

I told her to practice the Em to A switch and the picking exercise for 20 minutes a day and then we'd have another lesson on Wednesday.

Where should I go from here? More chords? Her hands are small so I stuck to the two easiest for her to finger. More picking?

Just need some advice and your opinion on how we should tackle chords. Some can be a little hard to learn for someone with small hands and I don't want her to get discouraged.

Thanks in advance
teach her 1 or 2 chords every now and then

but u should start her with chromatic finger runs for strength and stretches

a 1234

all the way

but just focus on rhythm and different strumming patterns


sort of things
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the first thing i ever learned was a d


from there i just went on to learn more chords and some simple progressions and melodies....
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I'd leave out the F-chord for a lil' while then, or any others that require barring, lol. Other than that, just start easy and work her up. Kind of take jakewynnrocks's advice...teach her chords like Em, D, Eadd6sub9 (I think it is...the 2nd chord to "Horse With No Name"), etc...

Do little things to boost her confidence. Since she's already got music theory under her belt, the rest should fall into place quite easily for her.
How much theory does she know? Does she understand intervals from her piano experience? Because that would put her well ahead of the game in term of understanding how theory applies to guitar (i.e. when showing her a chord you can explain why it's called what it is and what kind of mood it creates). She could be one of the few beginners now-a-days that actually understands theory.
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I'd teach her proper picking and fretting techniques, and like, what notes are what and all that.
Then I guess just go on to teaching her simple, single-note riffs (Blister In The Sun comes to mind), so she can get the hang of picking individual strings.
Then move on to more chords and the like.

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Quote by jakewynnrocks
the first thing i ever learned was a d


from there i just went on to learn more chords and some simple progressions and melodies....


Also, feel free to ask me any questions, I teach young students (oldest 12 and youngest 5 n a half) on behalf of MY guitar teacher. He believed I was advanced enough so he picked up more students and he's paying me to teach them. I have a little over a year under my belt so I will be happy to answer anything.
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