Now Im not a bassist, but the bassist in my band doesnt have that punch that im looking for tonewise in the stuff that I (possibly we) want to have.

What i mean is that my bassist doesnt have a twangy (even close to popping sound) and he uses a pick. But i suspect that it might be the way he plays. he plays with his wrist on the bridge.

He also uses a behringer amp (idk which model but its a 112 combo i think)

are there any eq adjustments or technique adjustment that i can tell him to get that sound?

He uses a Epiphone Thunderbird btw... unfortunately its neck heavy.... and he plays the bass at his knees...

Thanks in advance
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If he's using a pick, it should easily already be twangy with a punch. Ask him when is the last time he changed his strings. Dead strings will do this. Make sure he's using a heavy pick too, surely he is though. I've had that amp, it's a little dead but it shouldn't be the issue. Last but not least... tell him to take his wrist off the bridge. That deadens the strings and makes it sound like an old upright. Some songs, you do this on purpose. If he's doing it all the time, it's going to sound just as you say.
The combination of a Behringer and T-bird and his idiotic choice of playing the bass with the strap loosened to full potential is just a huge problem on its own.

Otherwise, the above two comments are pretty solid options, but I would try and entertain the idea of at least a better amp...perhaps an Acoustic?
Steel strings have a lot of twang. I'm not a big fan of playing with a pick, but when I do, it sounds great with medium gauge steel strings.

Also, his bass might be panned too much toward one pickup. Get him to experiment with the pickup knob toward the bridge or neck pickup and decide what you like. If you're unsure, keep it roughly in the middle.

EDIT: The bass at the knees thing is retarded. Raise it to at least the crotch/stomach position.
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Don't mean to be off topic, but why are YOU telling him to have a certain tone? He should play with the tone that he likes. Unless you both want to have that tone, then sorry for wasting bandwidth.
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^ Wells they are a band, they need to have a tone suitable to their style or their material. consideringn the bassist uses a thunderbird down his knees, behringer amp, and pick, he proabably doesnt know what to do tone wise.

BOost mids and treble to full. and use the bridge pickup. It should be really punchy.
^nothing is punchy on a t-bird. the Behringer will make it worse.

new amp first, second, get a better bass. Ibanez, Fender, Schecter, even stupid ESP would be better suited to get a punch. and the amp can be Acoustic, maybe Ashdown, and should be at least 200 watts, if not even louder.
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The Thunderbird can be really punchy. Anyways, I'd say tell him to move his hand more to in between the pickups for more punch. Boost the mids and treble as well.