Yesterday, my brother Mike came home from the good will store with 2 monitors, 5 bucks a piece. We looked at them, and saw that some of the rubber stuff that goes around the edge of the speaker was broken on both of them. He plugged his bass amp head into it, played through one of them, and it was working, but obviously it was kind of fuzzy, because it wasn't vibrating as it should be.

So I was wondering where we could get some replacement speakers for this. The speakers in there are 12" 100 watt speakers. I took a look on ebay, and found this...


Is that like what I'm looking for? If so, do you guys know if there's any place I can get these cheaper?
Try removing one speaker and looking on the back to see manufacturer and part no. Then if you desire you can get the same speakers the cabinet & crossovers where designed for. You can of course use other speakers but again, the cabinets & crossovers where hopefully optimized for the speakers used. Knowing the specs of the originals will hep with picking substitutions.
Moving on.....
Good idea.

I'll have to take a look at that.

I'm just glad that the thing played, at least nothing else is wrong with it.
Sometimes you can get the foam replaced if they are good speakers and worth decent money. There are places that rebuild em and sometimes you can get a kit to do it yourself.
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