I'm like a beggining guitarist im teaching myself and im wondering if anyone has any ideas for songs to play. I have played the following songs(and more i cant remember)

smell like teen spirit by nirvana:
pretty easy im sort of sick of playing nirvana songs cuz they're all simillar

the kids aren't alright by the offspring:
it was a perfect song for me to learn. a song like this difficulty would be great

back in black by ac/dc:
to hard for me

i've learned like ten more but won't bother to list them. if anybody has any ideas for songs about as difficult as the kids aren't alright by the offspring and are some sort of rock or metal then please let me know!

o and i hope i put this in the right spot sorry if i didnt
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I always teach my students, Don't fear the reaper, I love rock and roll, enter sandman, each of those songs wil help develope string individuality and timing.
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A few years a ago, I played with it alot and got my time down to 42 secs. Right now, I'm probably around a 55 sec average.
Anything by Blink-182 and Green Day is easy enough to start on
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Try other punk rock stuff, for instance more Offspring songs (Want You Bad, Million Miles Away etc) maybe some Blink-182, Sum 41 all that kinda stuff is pretty simple but fun to play.
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Anything by Blink-182 and Green Day is easy enough to start on

thats because those bands arent real music
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