i've been watching a 55 les paul gold top with p90's on ebay its up to $14,000 now wish i had a crate of them. i was curius how much one went for in 1955 figured this was the place to ask?
But its a relative thing. In 1955 500 bucks was alot of money. Considering minimum wage in 55 had just been raised to 1$ and hour and average yearly income was 4100$. So a LP was about 4 months pay if you spent money on nothing else. And think of how much of a pain it would be to store a crate of guitars for 50 plus years.
It should be worth about $14000, maybe more, in todays money.

So yeah.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
yeah i know $500 was alot more back then i'm old enough to have seen the decline of the american dollar. i had a chance to get an early 60's black lp custom in 1978 for $400 but i couldnt afford it on my burger flippin paycheck man i wish i'd gotten it now.