So I'm in the market for a new guitar, soon, and I've played both a 72 Telecaster Custom as well as a few mid-range LP Studios, and I like them both up to this point, but I'm at a loss, because I want to know which hold up better in the long run, and are better for what I play.

I'm more into sludge, and stuff that needs to bring on the heavy crushing tones, but I also want something with a warm PRS type tone (think of music in the vein of ISIS or Cult Of Luna, and some room left for the kickass APC, Tool and Devin Townsend style) I obviously would go for a PRS Custom 22, but my budget doesn't allow for that at the moment, so I've stuck to these two models.

I was hoping you guys could shed some light onto what the better selection would be (Just for some general output.. I know the final decision will be mine, on which I like better) How much will the Alder for the Tele and Mahogany on the LP play a role in the tones (if any)

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based on your syle of music - LP all the way

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Les Paul all the way... check out Agile LP's too before slamming down a grand and some on a Gibson, though. The value and quality of Agiles are great.
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Gibson Les Paul Studio < Epiphone Les paul Standard.

I'm going to disagree with that. The Studio has a chunkier neck, but a much smoother tone, better sustain and solid feel. The Epiphone feels almost a bit plasticky by comparison.
The only problem is my area doesn't have the most selection of guitars (usually just RG Ibanez, Godin, a few Fender, etc...) so the ones I want to try out I can't... And the places wont order them unless I'm going to buy them, so that doesn't work either, so I've been researching as much as I can for the past 3-4 months, to make sure I am making the correct decision before purchasing.