I was looking online the other day for double neck guitars when i came across a guy selling his Starfire Double-neck for 290$ is sounds like a great deal but i never heard of Starfire guitars before, so i went to a music store yesterday and asked them and they have not heard of it either, they looked it up on the computer and that didnt bring up anything either. Is it a good deal or a POS?
Never heard of starfire either. But odds are you arent going to get much of a double neck guitar for 290 bucks. Its hard to get a decent single neck for that kind of money.
I have a earthfire guitar...its a pos, the fretboard is literally 2 centimetres from the body of the guitar...

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Tackleberry said it all really, seeing as it is that low a price and nobody has even heard of the make then it probably is not worth shelling out for it. Just save up and get a decent one.
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