so i found a guy selling a jackson dinky decently locally for about 400$, it played really nice other than some feedback, but that could have been his amp ( i hope!). but because i'm an idiot, i forgot to write down the serial number to try and find out more about it, original price, etc. so it's a jackson dinky, reverse headstock (although i think that's normal on them) made in japan with a low profile LFR, bound neck, and it originally had a coil tap although he took it out (also forgot to ask why). he also switched out the pickups for a dimarzio tonezone in the bridge and PAF pro in the neck. the only downside is that it goes out of tune way too easily for something with a floyd, so i think that might have to be replaced.

so first off, a god deal, yay or nay?
and secondly, anyone know what make it could be? anyone own one?

thanks for the help!
i play noisy hardcore in the vein of coalesce interrupted by lots of isis-esque riffage and ambience, with a healthy dose of screamo dynamics ala funeral diner. it even sounds good sometimes!
if you like it, you can easily solve the tuning prob, by puttin on some grover tuners! those arre like 20$!