so im doing online school and i feel weird soo does anyone else do it
My mom tried to do that Pheonix University online stuff to go back to school so she could get promoted, but couldn't keep up with having to log on and do all the work. Last I talked with her she quit that and is planing to enroll in actual classes at the community college. If you can keep up with the work and it doesn't bother you that you wont ever talk face to face with your instructor than its a fine system, but its really not for everyone and apparently can be a hassle if you work full time like she does. She'd get off work and ended up spending all her free time on the classes.

I personally would be to weirded out by not being able to talk with my instructors and classmates to take classes online. Also, the busy work counts for to much of the grade for my liking. I just want to go in and take an exam for course credit, its up to me to learn the material to pass it.
i do it but i havent officially started yet.....
Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking...

...sounds like music to me