Okay, still quite the newb here lol, but here goes:


How does he get that echoey sound? Is that reverb?

And I'm wondering about the whammy bar, I have one with my Godin Freeway but I have not used it in the few months so far yet, but I just put it on and noticed it kind of lifts the bridge off the body if I try to use it and I was scared this is not doing it right and may damage the guitar. I am a complete noob with this so have your laughs but please set it straight for my sake lol

Yes, that is reverb. And yes, thats how your whammy bar is supposed to work. Any more questions?
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Yup, but the fretting hand finger positioning is confusing me. How would one play that exactly? It's like I have index barring 7th fret but 3 fingers to play 4 other positions.