Do you lot know of any great guitar blogs out there which you think the guitar community need to know about. There's a new resource which is now up and running and I need more blogs to fill it.

It's the Street Musician - Top 100 Guitar blogs and can be found at..


The site lists all the best guitar blogs on the net in one place and provides a really great resource for guitarists looking to impove their knowledge and playing skills.

The blogs are ranked according to their Google PR, Alexa and Technorati rankings and also has a recent posts page that keeps you up to date with all the recent posts from the listed blogs.

The variety of these blogs is amazing, and between them they contain so much useful, interesting, and essential information, that they should not be missed by anyone who wants to improve themselves as a guitarist.

Make sure you don't just check out the ones at the top of the list, they all have something to offer. Just check out a couple of new blogs every day and see which ones you like the most.

If you know of any other good blogs that I've missed and are not on the list, then just leave a message here, PM me or add them yourself at the site.

If I can get enough blogs then I'll make it the Top 200.

Take it easy and send me those blogs in.

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