Hey, when would you guys consider it's a time to get a new guitar? When you have the money and would like a new guitar? When you feel as if you aren't getting the desired level of playability out of your guitar?
When you reach level 42 dexterity

Seriously whenever you feel like it

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i got mine after i started gettin more of a style for guitars. i had a starter pack as my last guitar so i had a reason to change lol. iv had my epiphone Les Paul for over 3 years now and i still love it but i do want another guitar. u no. jus nice to have 2 lol. i say when you think you want a better sound, better look and if your old one was rubbish and u hv sort of 'out-grown- your old one. what is your current guitar?
I buy a new guitar when I'm not getting the satisfaction out of the one i'm playing anymore. I only have 2 now. used to have a few more :P Allthough i've been eyeing up and being tempted by some fenders just lately :|
When the guitar that you are playing does not allow you to reach your full potential as a guitarist and may jeopardize your musical hobby or career;

that one should do.
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if you think its time for an upgrade, if you have changed styles and ur guitar duznt suite u anymore, and if are just feeling like getting a new one.
i got my guitar at the wrong time u cud say
i needed an upgrade cuz i had been playing a squier strat affinity, and i upgraded to a nice mim strat with god hardwareand scn pickups( a deluxe), plus it was an se and they dont sell them anymore.
but like 4 months after i got it started becoming and upsessive metallica fan!!!!
i could have gotten a schecter hellraiser FO
or many other metal guitars.