I was watching a dutch show yesterday (it's about making a superband with good dutch musicians found via myspace, youtube etc. And letting them compete against each other for a place in the final band).
As i was watching this program i heard a fragment of what sounded like a cool song it's played at 11:34 (while the guitarist is crowd surfing) in the clip that can be seen in the following link:
Does anyone know which band made this song and what it is called?

Thanks in advance!
Damn, I wish there were lyrics so I could at least google them. I wish you could google guitar riffs.
Thanks for the responses i listened to some of there songs on their mypsace but this song doens't seem to be included.
(After listening to some of their songs) I think they just make typical hardcore, so i thought this song must be from another band. Shame they aren't that well known, I can't find and listen to all their songs, so it's hard to say if it's a song by Backfire.
Hope someone knows more