What would be the better deal/guitar... I enjoy playing more melodic metal (Scar Symmetry, Amorphis, Insomnium, etc...) but still love getting that crunch for the really heavy stuff (Immolation, Bloodbath, Origin) and all around decent cleans.

Would it be a better idea to go for the Jackson KVX10


Or the Jackson RR3 Rhodes Pro


I know the RR3 has the Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups, which in comparison to the KVX10s 'designed by' SDs, are a lot better, but with the cash I'd save on the KVX10 I could always install EMGs or something.

To be honest I'm not huge on the trem, but you really can't avoid that with the Rhodes and King Vs unless you get a really low end model or a really high end model
Id get the KVX10, due to the fact its cheaper even after EMGS, plus the 24 frets.
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KVX10...because Kerry F***ing King said so. And because it's just better and cheaper for what it is.
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KVX10...because Kerry F***ing King said so. And because it's just better and cheaper for what it is.

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King Vs trem isn't as good as the trem on the RR3. You could also sell the pups in the RR3 and make some money back to go toward the EMGs. You probably wouldn't get more than $5 for Duncan Designed pickups. Overall the RR3 would be and extra 50 - 80 or so after you sold the JB and Jazz.
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Too bad I hate Kerry King, or else that would have helped my decision making

What does this have to do with kerry king?
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Buy the guitar with the pickups you want already installed, especially if you're talking about passives verses actives.
The RR3 is just better overall and worth the extra money. Think very carefully about the EMGs. I put KFK EMGs in my Les Paul and they drive me nuts. They sound phenominal for extreme distortion but youre limited to just that and that only. Their tonal abilities are extremely limited. The only good clean tone is the "Nothing Else Matters" tone. Which is actually very nice but thats the only good clean youll get.

I despise my emg rigged LP. Im prbly gonna trade it in for an RR3. The RR3 is the best value electric guitar Ive ever played and Ive been playing for over 20 years. The quality of the newer Japanese made RR3s is pretty close to being the best Ive ever seen. The Duncans can do anything and the trem is a newer model thats really good.
if you're gonna put EMG's in them anyway, then it really comes down to which one you like better. i have a RR with EMG's in it, and its ****in badass. play them both tho, and see which one feels better. they will sound similar with EMGs in both, so it comes down to which one is more comfortable and has better playability.
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if u dont want a floyd, dont go for it...its a pain in the ****ing ass if u dont really love tremolos...u cant change tunings, without buying a d-tuna.......and u'll get a certain resonance from it in your tone. get an RR5, if u can get the money for it.very very nice guitar..
or listen to the guy with the ESP LTD suggestion..or look into an ESP LTD FX-260 or FX-400 if u want a stop-tail with EMG's and looks that are bad-ass.
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i think some1 else said this but if u dont want a flyod dont get one. but anyway get the rhoads i know it says there the same trem but the black jackson lfr's are better made trust me on this one.
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Id get the KVX10, due to the fact its cheaper even after EMGS, plus the 24 frets.

It's cheaper for a reason.

TS, might I suggest an Agile?

The Agile Reaper perhaps?
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RR for sure. great guitar, absolutely destroys the KVX.

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Save another $400. and just get the RR5. It has what you want. Don't settle for less because you will regret it and later just buy what you wanted to begin with.
I believe the RR3 is made in Japan, meaning better build quality that the V. And yes... the King V has nothing to do with Kerry king. Its just the name of the guy that designed it.
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