hi. basically my parents make me go to this catholic high skool, but its alright i guess. so anyways, ive been playin bass for about a half a year, and one of my teachers is in charge of the music for the masses during skool. he asked me and my friend to help him out by playing the music with him. hes gonna give us copies of the songs with the lyrics and chord names mapped out above them.

so basically im just wondering, since im playing bass, will i just play the note that the chord says to play? like if it says G ill play a G, or if it says C add9 ill play a C?

also, i play guitar too, and i kno most of the chords on guitar, but this is bass.\

thnx all!

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can u walk chords yet?
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I have been playing bass for about 5 years, i'm no pro but i've played for church quite a bit. A good tip is just play the chord bass not like if the chord is E/G# then play the G# or if its just E then play the E. Switch up the rhythms on that note or something. Once u get the hang of that start adding in the 5th of that chord(one string higher 2 frets higher) and the octave, a string higher then that. then you can add in the third (one string higher, one fret lower if major chord, two frets lower if minor chord) and once you get that down, learn scales. If the key is G then the G Scale(G A B C D E F# G). Most of those notes will sound alright whenever you play them, and if it doesn't just go up or down to the next note and u should be good. Once you get the hang of it, its cake. and when in doubt if the songs you are doing are popular then there might be tabs for it..who knows hope i helped
Oh, I had almost the same problem about a year ago. I just set down with my friend who played the guitar and wrote me a bassline that sounded well with the guitar. You can do pretty much whatever you want to, as long as it sounds right.