I'm a bit low on cash, and I play through an Ampeg 1958 Rocket. It's all original and all tube. No Overdrive switch. It does get a good bit of OD when you turn it up, but overall, it's rather clean.

Back to the point, I need a good distortion. What would be good for getting a good Metalcore/ Screamo sound? Like Bullet For My Valentine/Avenged Sevenfold/Atreyu/Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? Also, something that can get at least a little bit cleaner like maybe an AC/DC sound?

All suggestions are appreciated.

Also, I may end up needing a compressor or a noise gate. Thanks again.
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I would say try a metal-muff. I play A7X and BFMV all the time. It even works for stuff like Lamb of God and Van Halen. I don't play a whole lot of AC-DC but I imagine it could work for that too. It is a very solid distortion pedal (just buy the wall plug, it chews up alot of batteries). Also, its not too terribly expensive.
I got around $200 right now. I can save up more, I just really need a good distortion. I'm sick of stealing em from friends, lol.