Hello, I apologize if this thread is in the wrong category, but do any of you know how I could go about using a guitar as a midi controller?
I'd like to do this because, in Virtual Workstation Programs, such as FL Studio, (which is what I am using) I can use a midi-controller to input the notes opposed to point-and-click which is rather tedious. I already have a midi keyboard, but generally, the ideas you come up with on a piano will be different than the guitar, due to the nature of the instruments and the placement of the notes.

So, if it is possible, what sort of accessory do I need to create a midi controller out of my guitar?

Roland make a MIDI pickup for guitar, and that'll run you quite a bit of money.

GraphTech also make an piezo/MIDI saddle and preamp system that you can install in your guitar.

I have no idea if that'll allow you to use your guitar as a MIDI controller though.
Thanks for the reply, and you don't know if I can use either of these as a midi controller?
Can all of this be done with a USB guitar?
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you'll have to attach a gk pickup to the guitar and then connect the cable to a module that can do the pitch to midi conversion such as a gr-50 or gi-20. then connect the midi out to the computer's midi in. i can't remember, but you may have to play around with the settings to make sure information is being communicated on the correct midi channel. it can be quite tricky, it took me awhile to get it going. let me know how it goes, i'm thinking of doing something similar with guitar pro.
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