I just started working with this. Just me and my acoustic. very simple structure so far. Feels to me like a folk blues song. I was listening to alot of acoustic stuff from Alice In Chains and the Foo Fighters before this. Oh, and Im not done, and I probly wont ever finish it. just sayin

I can see from your face
that youre leaving this place
What you needs far away
Look at me, run away

Come and see what a waste
you have made of this place
Lady screams in your face
You cant stay, runaway

I cant see until these city lights lay in the haze
Floating in the sky where only moonlight shows the way
Come with me and we will find a reason to runaway
Running to a find place where the stars will never fade
and ofcourse the day after I say Ill probly never finish it, I add more.

I see a man on the road
I stop to ask if he's goin' home
He says Boy dont you know
Theres never been such a place to go