Hey guys me again, lol. Second piece this week, just finished it and wanted to see what you think. I wrote it today after spending a great day with my girflfriend. I've never written about anything like this before but I think it turned out quite well, planning on showing it to her tomorrow. It's basically about the whole experience from whenI first met her, and there are things in there that will make more sense to us than it would to you guys reading.

Anywho let me know what you think, as always crit for crit, just leave me the link to the piece you want looking at.


Dreaming of You

Verse 1:

It was easy to get lost,
In her deep green eyes,
I could never forget her,
I'd never want to try.
Saturday mornings;
Made brighter by her face.
I'd sit there waiting
For the pieces to fll into place.

Verse 2:

I still remember,
How it all began,
As she walked by and she
Gently brushed my hand.
Saturday mornings; her
Porcelain skin so fair,
Sun shining down on her golden brown hair.


I'm tossing and turning,
She's keeping me awake,
And I'm starting to wonder,
If I've made a mistake.
I'm thinking of her and
There's nothing I can do.
All I want to tell her is
"I'm Dreaming of You."

Verse 3:

So I decided,
To take it day by day,
I could never think of,
The words that I could say.
Sunday evening,
She said she'd take a chance,
But I wasn't there,
And we didn't get to dance.

Verse 4:

Then one Thursday morning,
My luck began to change.
She turned up to see me,
And the feelings weren't so strange.
I never knew,
The joy that this would bring.
But I knew I was ready,
For this sort of thing.


I'm tossing and turning,
She's keeping me awake,
But know I know it,
Wasn't a mistake.
She's thinking of me,
I'm thinking of her too,
Now I tell her
"I'm Dreaming of You"

Verse 5:

It's 2:30 in the morning,
She starts to whisper in her sleep.
Everything has changed,
But it' a change I want to keep.
Waking up,
With her lying next to me,
Shows me just,
How great this thing called love could be.

Verse 6:

Standing in a doorway,
Embraced within her arms,
We stare out at the moonlight,
We can't come to any harm.
Night starts to close in,
As the sunlight fades away,
And I realise that this is,
Where I want to stay.


In your arms,
I no longer feel so blue,
'Cause now I know,
That you are dreaming of me too.