I'm just curious... What brands make high end strat copies ?

Suhr ? G&L ? Tom Anderson ? Others maybe...?
depends what you mean by "high-end" and "copy", but japanese copies are pretty nice (tokai and the like). Tyler are really sweet too, eye-wateringly expensive in europe though. vigier too, i guess. lag... bunch of people, to be honest.
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Just buy a high-end maple necked HSS strat - them things are NICE. Beats my Ibanez hands down in terms of playability (the strat appears to have lower action 0_0) and sound.

But I love my 'nez.
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get a rosewood fretboard, they're easier to modify and dont scratch like a maple does
If you're looking for a Fender, I think the best thing would be to get a Fender.

But, I've played a really nice no-named one before in a local music shop before, which was a £1000 or so. It had the Strat headstock, but no name on it, so it might have been a Fender, but it definatly played like one.
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Suhr are the best imo. No guitar beats a Suhr in quality, for the same price offcourse.
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