This is something that has happend a few times and I think I've just been forgetting. It might be in fact why I seem to go nowhere. anyway, the problem is the higher strings cut into my pinky, right now there are three incisions...dunno how I didn't notice sooner, but regardless when a string goes into a cut the results are usually a loud "****!" .

So I was wondering, would a higher gauge of strings help? and if not what would?
I have no clue how you cut up your pinky like that, but you should probably just play less aggressive until your fingers get callused. maybe learn some of the basic major/minor chords and some scales.
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higher gauge will make you push even harder with your pinky.
my advice is to wait for them to heal completely, and only play for short periods of time.
Well, this one goes to 11!
Ok thanks.
I was thinking hihger gauge would be less sharp.

I should have thought of "play less"... <.<...
Play on acoustic to get callus >_>
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@ Kenneth: Sounds like it might work...

@ Kontry: <.< Oops... this specific guitar... probably close to a year. (Friend borrowed it, I doubt he changed strings, he only needed it for a class...)

@ TheBax: Is skill an appropriate answer? Want to hear about the other two times it happend (and the third time that involves a sword, but that wasn't my pinky.)
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You should change your strings every 3 months or so, and it sounds to me that you are pressing too hard to fret a note, it's really not hard too lightly press down to get a note to ring.
Press down only enough that the strings touch the frets, sounds like you're pushing harder.

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I don't know how he could possibly push THAT hard.

Maybe it's something to do with your action?
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I don't know how he could possibly push THAT hard.

Maybe it's something to do with your action?

You'd be suprized.
Anyway, I just got this guitar back, and I never really tried to fret it softly...
Thanks for the sugguestions people.
Blood stains on the fretboard are cool. Chicks dig it.

Put a band-aid on your pinky then wrap duck tape around it.. just while you play... band aids aren't actually made for sticking or something.

(It's likely your strings.. and you can put thicker ones in.. somehow, their deteriation formed a knife edge. Then you can write a song about it called "Knife Edge of Deteriation".. that'd be cool.. the chicks will just jump on you).