Hi all. I have been playing for nearly 4 months now. Started after getting too good at Guitar Hero and decided to learn some real guitar.

Been learning scales, chords and such. I'm still very much a novice at the moment. I am just curious what is your guys' take on my current gear. I don't plan on buying anything at the moment other than metronome, I keep reading about these things, I should probably get one myself.

Anyway here is what I currently use:

Squier Stratocaster (6 years old) - made in indonesia
about ~1.5 month old strings
lowered the action on it
also cleaned the body and neck to best i could of dust build up

peavey envoy 110 amp
about ~3 months old
currently back at the music shop waiting speaker replacement, 3 week wait unfortunately (had buzzing on the low B note)

squier amp that comes with squier strat pack (6 years old)
this is what im currently using since the peavey is at the shop
picks up radio frequencies and buzzing and whatnot

some monster guitar cable that my dad gave me (came with a keyboard of his I think)

bunch of jim dunlop picks (1mm, medium, medium-light)

All comments welcome!
Alright thank you for the replies guys. I also adjust the intonation on my guitar today by adjusting the screws at the back of the bridge so that the 12th note matches an octave down.

I think for now I will stick with what I have, hopefully the Peavey will come back to me sooner than later. I will pay attention on craigslist for potential gear in my area and I'll post here to ask questions.

I also have 1 other question. I play the Amaj chord using fingers 2-3-4 rather than 1-2-3 since I couldn't get the D string to sound correctly with my index finger (my fingers are pretty big I would say).