hey guys, so i'm saving up, and i'm going to be wanting to get my own home recording equipment, i'll probably be spending up to 1000-1500$ canadian, (not including mics)
but i'm really new to all of this, so what do i need? what do you recommend? etc.
thanks guys !
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Are you just recording yourself? And are you not doing acoustic drums? You may just need a high quality two track interface, monitors, and a decent set of microphones. I'd go for a Lynx L22 ($600), a FMR RNP ($475), and two Event ALP5s ($330). Later, you can get a switcher and Avatone Active Cubes for a good second opinion on your mixes. Alternatively, if you get a more affordable semi-pro solution like a Presonus Firestudio Project ($599...and you won't need preamps) you may even be able to afford professional software or plugin packages. With such good stuff, you probably should have decent microphones (or a good variety of them) to complement it.
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