Well, i've got this old Dean Vendetta up for grabs, if anyones interested, I don't know much about it, seeing as how i don't really like the thing.
The guitar itself is in Alright condition, A chip on the body, and a broken tuner.
But nothing too serious.

Here's a pic.
So if there's any questions/offers/random bits of knowledge i could use.
Feel free to fire away. n_n
By the by, i live in Barstow California, so i may have to ship it.
Wrong forum.

Marketplace. NAO.
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I'd say you'd be lucky if you got $80-$100 it runs about $210 new, halve that because its used and take a good bit off for the wear and tear you described you've got about 50 bucks, not even worth the effort of selling in my opinion...

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