I seemed to get a pretty huge response to the Slipknot show thread

So, who's going to see In Flames on their European Tour this year?

I personally can't wait, I'm just as pumped to see Sonic Syndicate as I am In Flames

Which NEVER happens with Support acts


Lemme know!



If I get any old school death metallers saying In Flames sold out, or that Sonic Syndicate are a bunch of emo's. You'll get reported,
That's not what this threads about
lol they're comin to where i live but the venue they're playin at is 16+ so i cant go
And this goes in the Pit... why?

Gojira will steal the night, I can predict that now. They will smoke the other two.
Sonic Syndicate have a hot bassist.
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i need to go get a ticket for this

i'll get one tomorrow i think...

really REALLY want to see in flames
seen gojira before and they owned too
Top lel.
I saw them 2 months ago
don't really care enough to see them again already

I do want to see Gojira though