So I am almost positive that the trouble i have been having for months (with speed picking) that has hindered my progression to a high level is the positioning of my picking hand. I've been searching, and searching, but I cannot find proper right hand technique, or position. More or less I have been pissing in the dark for the last two years anyways.

Anyone have any concrete methods for right hand positioning? I have made a habit of resting my hand on the bridge of my guitar (gibson les paul) and when I bought an Ibanez, the bridge no long stood so high that I could rest my hand on it. So I kind of float my hand, but it has really had an adverse affect on my speed.
perfect technique (as far as i have been told) would be resting your forearm on the top of your guitar allowing your handing to be suspended freely over the strings. i don't think this is important at all. what i do is i rest my wrist atop my bridge. my current guitar teacher says that is fine and recomends i anchor with my pinky when it comes to soloing.

what your talking about is called anchoring btw.