ok, so today i was lookin at my local pawn shop and they had one of my favorite basses. It was an Ibanez Destroyer II of some 1980 year. The finish was black with classic white edges, but brutally treated. There were scratches and chips all over it. The pick-ups were the usual three big block things, but looked a bit rusty. Also the whole by the base of the truss rod looked rusty which concerns me. I played it and it sounded alright. The machine heads looked worn maybe not to stayble but iv heard these babies are built like bricks. And it was a fairly light weight brick. Still they wanted six hundred dollars for it. No way im paying more than three fifty for it

What do you guys think? Is it worth it, or mistreated to the point of being just junk?
I love beat up basses. I'd want it, but remember I can get a better one for the same price. and pawn shops aren't safe. most basses I've found in them aren't reliable, have something wrong.
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Not necessarily the case, a lot of stuff gets sold to pawn shops (especially guitars) just for drug money in my little town. But good point