Ok so ive been playing for awhile and thought i understood bending. I thought bending meant bending the note to a certain pitch, ex. 7b(9) bend that note up to the one in parenthesis.

Recently my sister moved back home and she has been playing guitar considerably longer so i asked if it was supposed to be difficult. I showed her what i considered bending and she said no i had it all wrong that i was supposed to bend the string up and then do i slide to the indicated note. So now im confused trying to learn my first few solos and dont know what im supposed to do.
No, you're right. She's wrong.
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No, shes wrong. I believe that's just a variation of a bend, I would guess it's called a bend slide.
you're right, she's wrong
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perhaps if she is a pretty skilled guitarist, as you seem to infer she is, she could be refering to the particular way to bend in the context of the song. but unless she was showing you how to actually play a song i agree your right shes wrong
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