I have a few question i just bought a new KH202 and a box of emg zw.
Can i use the wiring thats already in the guitar and just swap the pickups ? would it make a difference not useing the wiring that comes with the emg zw set?
It depends. You will have to use at least SOME of the wiring from the new one.
The biggest difference: whether or not the pots are the same resistance.
Look on the side, they will say 25k or 50k or whatever.
If the old ones are the same resistance as the new ones: it will be a very easy swap. If the old ones are different from the new ones: you will have to re-do almost every wire.

From what I can find the EMG ESPs are passives so no its gonna need the pots, jack and wiring replaced. The passive EMGs wont have the right connectors for the active pickups. The pots will be wrong and will need a stereo jack. And of course the battery snap installed. So you will be able to keep the factory selector switch.
The manual doesnt show how to wire on a eps it only shows les paul style of wiring .
Do you know step by step ? if so please help me i just spent alot of cash on all this and i dont have for a tech because im gonna airbrush my guitar.
The only real difference in how the guitar is wired is the batt clip and stereo jack. Everything else will be the same.