1) Is the only difference between these two guitars is the maple finish? or is the sound is different too?

2) If I get the se standard (that's the one I can afford) and I put some prs dragoon II pickups, will it be greater sounding?

3) Can i change the tremolo system of the se standard for a better one, that makes it not going out of tune frequently?
can somebody answer me please? I'll really appreciate your answer. Thank you.
I'll help to the best of my ability. I've played the se custom and I'm the proud owner of the paul allender se custom. Ok to answer your questions. I'm not sure what a se standard is. I only know of the se custom I don't know of any of the korean made guitars that are double cutaway other then the custom. But you can judge the sound without playing it by wood and pickups. The prs se custom is great I was tempted to get one, but saw how awesome the paul allender model is (basically a thinner more trebly sound for soling and a faster neck plus 2 extra frets.) however the pickups are a tad to warm for me. I like more rock and metal and such. So I would swap the pickups and yes all the highend ones always have better pups. And third. Im sure you COULD change the tremolo to a fender one, but not a floyd rose or anything (unless you just topmounted it) that requires the body to be routed out

The prs se custom is the 699.99 one for a prs thats affordable.

Sorry that I know nothing of a prs se standard (unless its not a double cutaway or something.)
Well I think the Quality of the maple top (plus is makes the finish look much better) increase the tone a bit. But if you drop hotter pickups in it....well its not gonna matter too much. If I were you I'd just spend the extra like 100-150 and get the custom. Maples tops look baddass, and the tremolo actually doesnt go out of tune. Pups are pretty good too
I just wished I could get money that easily. But well, if for some reason I'am able to get it, Ill get the custom (really want but, well the standard wont hurt). But well, I liked the feel of both. They just felt smooth and comfortable. the clean on both (through a roland cube 30x) was awesome, and the distortion was really impressive too (of both). And here at Panama, the custom is at 790 and the standard 630. Thats why im a bit money limited :P
Ah gotcha. Wee bit more pricey. I mean yeah if price does come down to it. I just think the se customs are a bit nicer. But as long as it feels good its up too you (I do think the maple top will add a bit to the tone but I'm not a wood freak who thinks every hole in a guitar blemishes the sound.) and plus the new pickups make almost anything better. (take a crappy 100 dollar guitar that's made out of some decent toned wood and plays OK. swap the pups and it will sound 200-300$ nicer.) Oh and Rolands are sweet I have an all tube Marshall 1x12 so I'm covered for anything but just to fool around with I'm gonna be getting a microcube soon though. They kick ass!
Yeah, the same thing told me the vendor, that the maple may improve the sound a little little bit, but if I wasn't a sound freak, anyone will do. I just wished my parents wished to drop a bit more cash *cross fingers*. But well, anyways, thanks man for your time ;P I really appreciate it.

And yeah, roland cubes are very nice.