my first band sucked the drummer sucked and the vocalist couldnt scream, and the name pissed me off
we were mediocre, but we had fun and managed to put on a couple of free shows.
my first band(still in it) is named kersploot. it's like a metal skool thing(awesome). drummers awesome, bassist is awesome and the singer can sound just like rob halford when he screams.
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None of us could play so we split after 2 practices
Then we reformed about a year and a half later, we weren't much better but we actually played to people a couple of times
Making one at the moment, will tell you how it all goes, we just need a bassist.
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My first band. I played guitar for four months and played a talent show in 6th grade with these guys. We had a First Act (or something) child's drumset, this kid who's pretty good on keyboard, and me with my First Act Les Paul copy and the keyboard kid's brother's Fender FM15 (I had a crap First Act amp at the time). I was playing a D-A-C-G chord progression for 2 minutes. Needless to say, I sucked and the kid's drumset made it epicly worse. The keyboard dude was good though lol.
we were pretty good with covers, but didn't write much original stuff and only played a couple gigs before we split since the drummer, bassist, and singer left for college

but it was fun and me and the other guitarist still jam fairly often
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Well my first band (which im still in) has a bunch of people who know what they are doing out singer can sing I can solo ok and our band is back from the dread so I think its good. (plus our bassist is hot)
I use a line 6 what of it?
I was in one with my cousin. I would write some complicated shit and he couldnt play it, so we couldnt do some of my songs. And there are no musicians around here that play what we played, so we couldnt find any other members, just me and him on guitars, sucks. I'll be moving after graduation though, hope some people will be were ever Im going
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Well my first band (which im still in) has a bunch of people who know what they are doing out singer can sing I can solo ok and our band is back from the dread so I think its good. (plus our bassist is hot)

hot bassist; these are the signs of a good first band. i'm still in mine. it's fun we record stuff and play soem gigs every now and then but we need a bassist right now because i was goign out with our bassist and then we split so we need another because she decided to quit after we split and be all bitchy like that. its alright she sucked, i taught her hwo to play bass and goddamnit ill do it again!!
everyone who was in my band was awesome, except me I was kinda mediocre, but the totally made up for that fact. But in the end we all just kinda went our seperate ways.
Well Im doing a solo project as of last week, and so far its kicking some serious ass.
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Im still in my first band, and id like to think we are pretty good . Theres a video (and a subsequent way to see our other videos) on my profile.

one of the guitarists is a dick though....
My first band was a 3 piece Cream cover band.

We sucked but hell we had fun
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My first band was a 3 piece Cream cover band.

We sucked but hell we had fun

thats what matters
Never been in one, just jammed with my friends(outstanding) band.
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i haven't been in a band.

+1 some of my friends might let me join their band eventually though, hopefully it works out
The band I started in was pretty talented for being in middle school, but then i quit since our gigs sucked (we were at parties where even my bandmates were high). Now they are like the biggest band in my town within like 2 years so i guess i missed out lol
Still in my first band. I personally think we have one of the greatest drummers ever. I'm really good, the other guitarist is not great but he's decent. The bassist is a beginner. We just basically took our friend and told him to be our bassist for the band and we taught him how to play as we go along. We can all scream Unfortunately, we are not very versatile. None of us can sing and we only know how to do death metal vocals.
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I'm thinking about trying to join a band that's played with some big underground acts but it would be the first band I joined so I'm not sure if I'm gonna go through with it/
I'm still in my first band...

-Basically our drummer is pretty damn good (but he tends to slightly go out of time).

-Our guitarist is pretty well known throughout the school and he can play some crazy sh1t!

-Our bassist is average at playing, but we keep him for being fat and stupid (oh the good memories of laughter!)

-and basically i'm on the same level as our other guitarist, I don't like to blow my own trumpet but I can hold my own in many aspects of playing.

As for singers, we are searching for the right person, we've had some awesome and some dreadful!

and just for my special pit monkeys I'd love to share an embarrousing video of our bassist!


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In my first band I ended up playing bass, because I wasn't considered a good enough guitarist, so I got handed a bass to learn on like a week before our first and only gig. I think I got kicked out of that band, not that it ever gigged again anyway.
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It was a black metal band and we were so grimm and kult we never got a drummer and we only recorded ONE SONG!!!
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I was the only one with some real talent in the band, not to be pompous, but I've been a vocalist for 10 years, and they were all beginners at their instrument, needless to say, I couldn't do anything, so I left. Now I'm gonna join a band with my best friend, and a really good drummer...dont know about the vocalist.