I have been using elixir Medium 80/20s with nanoweb for quite a while on my taylor 310ce acoustic, and while they last for a long time and never break.... they are expensive, and dont exactly capture the tone i want.

I like a more twangy crisp sound to my strings but of course with a good resonance i suppose is the best way to describe it. I have been using the ones i use b/c that's what the guitar came strung with, and they have somewhat of a bland sound on this guitar.

I am utterly lost on what would be a good idea to try etc, so any suggestions would be great!
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really just get anything that is just plain steel. no coverings. may not last quite as long but have much better sound.
and is 80/20 going to have a crisper brighter tone than phospher, just between those 2?
hell i don't know. all i know is i went plain steel and never looked back since. pure heaven. why ppl try to change them with coatings is beyond me.
the reason why they sound bland is because they are dead. did the sound of the guitar capture you when you first played it? if so, restring it because old strings do not sound as good at all as new strings do.

try some phosphor bronze one. as far as i know, 80/20's make the guitar sound brighter (not louder, just fyi. that has to do with the guitar).

any particular brands? martin makes some okay strings. i'm in the middle of playing with the martin sp light pack or medium, whichever is 12 gauge and has the red front. personally it's not my type of strings or the sound i want in my guitar.

phosphor bronze d'addario strings sound great, but the quality of the strings to me feels like they die out very quickly.

next strings i try are going to be elixirs since i already have a few packs of those. right now i'm just jammin n stuff until my martins snap or grow old.

give the phosphor bronze or the 80/20's another shot on elixirs brand. if you loved your old guitars sound when it was new get the 80/20s. if you are interested in experimenting get the phosphor bronze
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My guitar came strung with d'addario exp's. they were ok, but i switched to the regular phosphor bronze lights. they sound nice and bright (to me at least). They wear out fast, but you can get a huge box of strings (i think its 40 or so of each guage or something like that) and that will last you as long as buying a few sets of the elixirs or the exp's will
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