I just purchased the tascam dp-02cf recorder and in the manual it says never to connect your amps speaker output to the unit.. I'm using the vox ad15vt amp and it has a LINE/PHONE output.. I've been told by others it shouldnt be a problem, some people say I need a di box.. Can this really do much damage to the recorder? Is my only other option to mic the amp?
u can connect ur amp to ur recorder line inputs. just dont hook the power amp section outputs to your recorder, not good. however, most line outs from amps come from the pre amp stage, not the power amp stage. however u may not like the tone u get out of the amp. i always stick an sm57 in front of one of my speakers. just has a better sound. unless u like really dry, angry bee's nest type sound. or us an amp modeler, ie pod.
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Thanks, I'll give it a try and see what happens, if all else fails i ordered an sm57 with the recorder.