Hey all....

I got me a floyd rose floating bridge, a neck off a 74 (or some year around there) strat, strat body, 1 humbucker, 2 single coils, a wiring harness with a 5 way switch. set up for strats...

The Body has been routed and such like to hold the 3 pickups and the bridge.

Here's my real dilemma, the bucker is real slick, matte black cover, looks like a EMG, but has no id marks of any kind. I have four wires coming off of it..Red,Black,Blue, White...plus the shield braid. I have tried to id it buy perusing vendor sites, but like I said the closest I could find was EmG.

at this point I haven't rules out that the bucker might be an "active" pickup...I bought most of this stuff a while back, so I'm not too sure....I seem to remember being jealous of friend who had installed some....

The single coils are id-less as well, being matte black as well, perhaps emg as well...they seem to be a matching pair, Red/White/Shield braid.

I've found some diagrams which I can understand well enough, but nowhere have I seen a reference to the blue wire, I assume it to be the "green" wire often used in such diagrams. But is it?

If photos would help can do that....

any help on the simplest way to wire this would be appreciated
depending on the different companies different pickups have different color codes for their pickups. so until you do figure out what the wires are, or pickups in general, those diagrams are worthless...

i can only think theyd be emg's, a black matte cover is their style and i cant think of anyone else who does that off the top of my head....
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The kicker is when i check out Emg's diags they show a green wire, I got a blue. I'm not finished painting the body, so I'm in no hurry to experiment...
danka... I'm just now finishing up the paint job, hopefully by next weekend I'm gonna attempt final assembly

a friend insists that bucker is not an Emg, but a knock off, but he's been known to be full of Sh*&t.
EMG's are usually marked, but if you look at ibanez's V7 and V8 pickups, they're also matte black (and active)...

i'll say they're a passive pickup, as there's no battery harness that comes with the pickups.

not necessarily an EMG knockoff, but just another pickup with a black cover. i've heard that seymour does custom coil covers, but i'm not too sure where.

You can just buy black covers for your pickups.. so these may just be a cheap set of pickups with black cover put on them.
nah this is clearly made enclosed like an Emg.....

I hit a small snag fitting the neck, so I had to rout the body a little more delaying my final paint.....

I'm also just finishing up the neck, I'm kinda hoping to replace the nut with locking nuts...But some douche on ebay is shill bidding me, I know it...

what kills me about this pickup is that no other pickups seem to use a blue wire, every type I look at uses a green wire....now I figure over time they've changed the colours they use....

I'm just hoping this thing is playable...all the parts are decent enough, but will it be more than the sum of it's parts, or less? Worse comes to worse, it's "Art" and I hang it on the wall! lol
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nah this is clearly made enclosed like an Emg.....


its more then likely just some generic pickup that looks like it
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Relax Guy... I was pretty sure it wasn't an Emg....The real question is not "is it an Emg?" it's is that damn blue wire the same as the green I see used in diags.

and yes I Have a Multimeter...Not quite sure how to use it....I found it in the left overs at some dude's garage sale....almost brand new too...the model costs like $40 in stores...
Measure between the red and black wires, touching one probe of the multimeter to the black, and one to the red.

do the same to the blue and white.

Make sure the multimeter is set to kilo-ohms, btw.
If you get a reading for both sets or wires, then each one is a coil. If not, switch around color combos until you get a reading.

Let me know what you find.
Well I test wired it and all three pickup work, what I did was Reds to the switch, whites to ground. and I wired the black & blue on the bucker together and then to the switch, with the shield braid and bridge to ground. I have a diag for typical strat wiring, so I tried to replicate that and so far so good. I am waiting on those damn locking nuts, other than that I only need to soder the wiring once I am convinced I have it wired properly.
Thanx tho for the info, I will definitely do as you say and test it with the multimeter....