a buddy(drummer friend of mine says)that my samples are too experimental(he even refered to them as spaced out at one point).I had to explain to him that this is just my soloing project and not for main marketing purposese.He says that maybe i should put up more normal type samples mainstream type people(agaiun this myspace is just my solo project so he understands because i explained it). Again it's just a concept for my solo project and again he said he understands.He didn't mean anything bad did he?He just said that there's not really any money to be m,ade with this type of style...(from a mainstream standpoint)

Who the **** cares if there's money in it your friend sounds like a douche. Really really really cool playing, and you like it so that's all that matters. Just do what you like, that's most important.

The two guys above me ^ are right.. Everybody who listens to music should listen to the things they really like, and the same goes for making music: if you enjoy making it and like the result, don't let anybody tell you that you shouldn't do it. Especially if you're not aiming to make money, there's no reason at all to go "mainstream". As a wise man once said: "Don't adapt your music to your audience, let your audience adapt to your music".
About your music: I really enjoyed listening to it! There's nothing wrong with samples.. Kudos to you!

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