yeah title says it
its not to my guitar, its for my friend, he is looking for a more metal tone, he wants a thick tone, with nice harmonics, and not muddy
i was thinking maybe the d sonic, or the livewire
but what do you guys suggest? his guitar is a LP copy made of mahogany with a maple top, really a nice guitar, but with poor pups and hardware, so he is upgrading it
the amp is a laney LX35 for home practice and he runs his multiFX to PA for gigs and stuff so his guitar is a really important part of his tone
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If his running a multifx to a PA I assume he's using amp models? If so I don't the pups will make a very big difference. I would definitely avoid active pups at the least.
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It's time for a proper amp then - given the way things are currently set up the pickups aren't a major contributing factor to the tone.
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