Okay, so my Fender amp just died. The input jack doesn't work anymore, but honestly the thing was sort of crappy in the first place. So I wanted to know if anyone has some recommendations on amps. I'm on a tight budget so I'd like to spend $100 - 150. I want to get a solid state combo amp. I plan to use effects pedals so i dont need something that has a bunch of effects built in. I'm looking at the Peavey Rage 258, but I really don't know if thats any good. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Okay, it sounds good from what I read, but will it give a good clean sound so it will sound good with effects pedals?
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No it will sound terrible with effects. That's why it has good ones built in already

He's right. You've never experienced sheer horror until you've run a Boss MetalZone in front of a Cube 30.