Alright, I'm having a sale to finance the replacement of my 360 and generally need to make space.

Red Ring of Death (NONE WORKING) First Gen 360 - Pulled the white and grey covers off but didn't get any further as it wasn't worth it to me to pay another $25 for a Torx tool set to take off the metal shroud to get into it. Would be great for parts. You may be able to repair it too, but there is something (probably bad solder) floating around inside, so I am unsure if it can be fixed. In great shape with only one minor scuff on the front face plate and a couple almost invisible marks on the back where I had to pry open some latches. Fits together fine $30 +shipping. CONSOLE ONLY, NO POWERSUPPLY/AV CABLE/ACCESSORIES/HDD

GAMES (Feel free to make an offer, I just want them gone, though I will not split the lots):
Battlefield: 2142 - Never played it as my PC couldn't handle it. $13 w/ original box, manual + Shipping

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and NFS: Underground (Gamecube) - Last of the "classic" NFS games and the first of the new, street racing based ones. Both are in great condition w/ the original boxes and manuals. $8 + shipping

Test Drive and PGR2 w/ Xbox Arcade disk (Xbox) - $5 + shipping. Manual is missing cover on Test drive, box is a hair beat up on it as well. PGR/Arcade box is perfect, but lacks manual.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars w/ Tetris Worlds (Xbox) and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (Gamecube) - $8 + shipping In great shape w/ original boxs and manuals

MechAssualt (Xbox) - $5 Bought new, never played. Box is not sealed, but game has never left it's spot

buy all games above: $30 + Shipping

Old Racing Games: NASCAR Thunder 2003 (GC), NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona (GC), NASCAR 06 (PS2), NASCAR 07 (PS2), F1 2002 (GC) - $8 + shipping. All games include original boxes and manuals

Old Hockey Games: NHL 2003 (GC), NHL 2004 (GC), ESPN NHL 2k5 (PS2), NHL06 (PS2) - $5 + Shipping. Includes International Winter Sports 2002 free. All games in original box w/ manuals

Old Football Games : Madden 2003 (GC), Madden 2004 (GC), NCAA Football 2005 (PS2), Madden 07 (X360) - $6 + Shipping. all games in same condition as above

All Sports Games Above: $12 + shipping, and I'll throw in MVP Baseball 2004 (GC).

EVERY game above: $25 + shipping Yes, $25 shipping. Get them off my hands!

Guitar Parts:
EMG 81 - Like new condition with 25k EMG pot and quick connect cable. No battery clip or stereo jack, sorry. $60 + shipping, pickguard and switch not included

EMG Selects: Everytime I try to move these, the sale falls through for some reason... Fine pickups for the money, and you'll be getting a hell of a deal. 2 singles and a humbucker are included. the price? $15 + Shipping For that, you can only get one new, and these are NOS condition

Can get pics on request for everything, CONUS and Paypal only. Thanks.