i know it should b in the gaming thread but im what you would call a newb and dont know anything but anyways on xbox live it wont let me join half of my friends matches anymore because apparently my router is set to moderate but ive never changed it and i dont know how to change it and this is all bungie.net tells you

Q: What is NAT and why do I care about it?

A: In extremely simple terms, NAT (Network Address Translation) helps determine how your router interacts with the rest of the internet. If your NAT settings are restrictive, you may have problems connecting to other players. To test your settings, go to the Xbox 360 Dashboard and test your connection. At the bottom of the test results, you will see your ‘NAT Type.’ You want it to say ‘Open’ – if it says ‘Moderate’ or ‘Strict’ you may experience some problems.

so does anyone know how to fix it cause that would be just grand if you could help me out
Check your instruction manual.

If your too cool for Instruction Manuals Too Bad.
^This post was probably sarcastic


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I have this problem too, but there are several tutorials. Just put "changing NAT on 360" in google, and you'll get a bunch of tutorials.