I am going to buy a Jackson Dinky DKMG and it only has two knobs..I was wondering how to install two more....
check into concentric pots.
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If there's enough room in the control cavity, just drill 2 small holes and put in 2 more pots.

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Unless you have a guitar with 4 pickups, 4 tone pots is overkill and unnecessary. IMHO, 2 is overkill b/c when both pups are selected, one of the tone pots acts like a Master Tone.

Having 4 tone pots for 2 or 3 pups will make no audible difference. Basically, you'd have anywhere from 2 to 4 master tones depending on the pup selection.
I'm guessing it has a master volume and master tone and he wants LP style vol/tone for each pickup.