so i made up this riff i like but i dont know what kind of song it would fit with so could someone help me? my band is coming over tomorrow and i wanna make a song with it but i dont know what type of song to use it with

heres the riff:
its played in straight eight notes and keeps repeating
I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come
ask them and let ur band decide.
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Putting moving chords under it and play it as a hard rock song, it should sound pretty sick.
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I played it in E flat tuning and it has a very ballad-y feel. And I'm probably becoming known for my Coheed and Cambria worship, but it would fit very well into therr song universe so...yeah.

Just out of curiosity, have you tried playing it in a lower register and then you could have the guitar do and make a solo out of it, cause it seems like it would fit well as a bridge or interlude.
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Awesome riff. The problem of asking what genre that riff would fit into is that it's kind of a versatile riff, so I think the answers will be subjective. Goest worships Coheed and Cambria, and he thinks it sounds like them. It first struck me as a metal riff (until I had this realization), but I'm a metalhead. I think it depends on what genre your band plays. as long as that genre has room for something a little dark and at least moderately fast, it will fit.
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Sounds a bit eastern-y, so put that under chords for a bit of an exotic feel.