So hole for my strap peg got stripped and the screw came out completely at practice last night...I guess I went a little too crazy with it haha...Luckily I had a good hold on the neck at the time and it didn't fall on the concrete. Anywho, I've been meaning to get strap locks anyways b/c I don't need my guitar falling off on stage. I've heard the Dunlop ones were crap, what's the BEST ones.
I prefer the Schaller ones, got them on all my guitars and I've never had any problem with em.
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Yeah, I just bought Schaller's for my Gibby, and I haven't had any problems. The only downside to them I would say is that they are a little bulky compared to other strap locks I have seen, but they are so effective, that you won't even care about the size of them.
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I use Schaller strap-locks and have used other forms, but I find that the Schallers are the best.
go with schaller... but if the thread on the guitar is stripped out, take a round toothpick and break it off in the hole for the screw, and than just put the screw back in, they will never get loose and strip out ever again if you do that... its a little trick my dad taught me
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If you don't mind a fairly plain nylon strap, I found these locking straps, they have a kind of ratchet mechanism that locks onto your strap buttons with a release. Seems very secure and you don't need a screwdriver, they just clip to the existing buttons.

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I've heard a lot of great things about the Schaller strap locks. I use Dunlop strap locks and they've been holding out fine for over a year with my Les Paul. They're made well, and are very secure. Also, they're very easy to install.
Schallers are the best, but you might need to do a little modification to the buttons. I had to drill a little metal out of it to be able to use the screws that came with my guitar on them.