so im having trouble with my 3 string sweep taps. is it proper or better to sweep in circles while sweeping 3 strings?
wow, for 3 string sweep taps you need to be fast and accurate with both hands, that would be really hard so if your not getting it maybe that is y, as for sweeping in circles i dont know what you mean... do you mean just playing 3 string sweeps? cuz i guess that is fine. it would be easier to do 5 string or 6 string sweep taps than a 3 string sweep tap since your right hand doesn't need to be always on the move
well yeah im a monster at 4-7 string sweeps. but my picking hand hits the highest string twice
sweeping circles as in making a circle motion with the picking hand as opposed to linear
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i know what you mean, and it's just whatever feels comfortable to you, although a linear motion would be more efficient and in the long run would allow you to play faster.

i doubt this.
It might help to sweep closer to where you tap, ie over the fretboard. Or pull a MacAlpine and don't bother sweeping, just tap the sweeped notes with your left hand.
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