I'm back with a new song after a long time away! This one's called Anubis, and it's a lot darker than any of my other attempts. Kept it simple as far as instrumentation goes though, with just two guitars bass and drums, but still I think it's pretty good for an idea I had whilst making toast about 7 hours ago, haha. Just can't stop once I've got going with these things!

The new sound really comes from influences such as Immortal, Behemoth, and my mate, who never stops talking about black metal!

Nevertheless, hope you enjoy this, I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Any crit is more than appreciated!

Right, I better get some sleep!
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i thought the egyptian verse was uber egyptian. too much harmonisation for mee though. 7/10
Ok, so. I really liked it on the whole, but you really need to have a sense of when to stop repeating something.

The intro started good, and when it got distorted and harmonized, it was still good. But after two repeats it needed a change. Same goes for the one with the backing. And, that also made the outro very predictable. Everything else in the song was really good.

Also, you should have done more with that beginning riff. Instead of just descending the same pattern every time, try adding a couple different variations or something (maybe instead of having the base note twice on everything, do like... No base note, one base note, no bass note, and then 2 bass notes; 4/4, 9/8, 4/4, 5/4, or something). That would also make it much more interesting.
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