Sounds pretty good actually. The singer is okay too but i guess singing lessons are never a bad idea. The sound quality is pretty damn pro! How did you guys record this?
well, you guys have some good sound... the vocals need some work yeah... xD... but you music its fun to listen
Your singer is good and bad. There's some very strong points when singing but then he tries to stretch out a word or sing louder and it doesn't sound great. I think your singer has a lot of potential to be better. Your screamer was pretty good. I thought the intro of saved me from myself was better then the rest. Overall you guys are pretty good.
thanx guys....i am the screamer and this recording was professionally done in the studio. we're trying to incorporate more screaming for more of an edge in our music. we keep telling our singer to quit trying to sound like axel rose. he tries to immitate other singers and he gets naisally sometimes. i agree that he has potential, but def. needs work. is there a certain type of vocal instructor for our style of music or are they all the same????????????????
There may be different types, but to be honest it doesn't matter. What I find is a singer needs to know the basics of controlling their voice blah blah blah first, regardless of what style they take up in the end. Someone who can sing well in a natural sort of way, no frills, etc, will have a good base to experiment upon.

from what you've said, I'm guessing the problem is he's a bit weak sometimes and tries too imitate too much. Personally, I think he has a pretty good voice, there's a couple of times throughout your records where I think. trying to hard. But honestly there's nothing bad about it.

It may sound like a step back as it were, but someone who will teach him the basics and work from there will help so much. I know it certainly helped my singing. It doesn't really matter what kind of instructor you find for him (as I said its all really the same thing underneither anyway. right), but someone who teaches using rock music and stuff would certainly be more enjoyable. (Which is always a plus)

Now for the music..

I must say you guy's have a good sense of musicality and composition and such. The songs are pretty good! Plus the recordings sound great too, which is great. I agree with your want to make more complicated music, it would be awesome to hear, (building off what you've got going in "Saved me from myself" would be fantastic. That riff at the begginning and end is coool!).

To summarise, your singer is actually pretty good, lessons would definately help, (you can never have too many lessons, for sure). more complicated composition would help you I think, but don't fall into the trap of over using the screaming and becoming generic screamo-y stuff. I never hear enough unique hard rock, this "edge" you're looking for would be brilliant, anything to find your own unique sound ya know.

What you're doing is pretty good, keep going!

I don't really have anything in the way of music to show you in return, and what I do have is pretty crappy quality anyway. I'll be starting a new project sort of october and onwards into next year (I'm going to university so plenty of chances for music.). It'll be like experimental indie or something of the sort.

Aaaaaaanywho. lol.
See ya!
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thanks a lot guys for the input. i always love a little constructive criticism on how we can get better.
as far as the screaming goes...we're mainly looking into using as a back up vocal type thing and not so much the actual lead singing. maybe a pre-chorus here and there, but that's about it.
"saved me from myself" is the type of music we're trying for. we actually have a new song we're working on right now along with a few other riffs that are along the same lines of "saved me from myself" (musically that is). so hopfefully we'll get a chance to get into the studio again before long so u guys can take a listen.
again...thanks alot
Mostly I'll repeat what the other have said. Your singer needs to settle on one style, at least within a song. But it's not like he can't hit a note. He definitely tries to stretch too few and too short words over too much space. It's like he doesn't know any words longer than two syllables.

Singing lessons are always a good idea for and band. Even if they sound pretty good in practise, you have to know how to conserve your voice and sing sustainably when you're playing shows every other night. Look at Ozzy and Axl for examples of what happens when people don't know how to do this.

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