How in the hell do I get this out as there is no cavity to open?!!?! This guitar is a loaner, and I have to get the jack back in the hole.

Why did you break it? This is why we can't have nice things!
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Ollieyoufool seems like a self-made man.

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If you punched through plasterboard, I'm pretty sure you can fill it.
If you punched through bricks, why are you scared of your dad?
Hahaha - this happened to me on stage once at a battle of the bands.

Shake it around a little to get it out, though you may also need to use a fork as well like I did :P. To keep it staying out you need that nut which was holding it out in the first place.
Got it. Used a coat hanger to pull it into the f hole opening, then used 24 gauge unshielded wire through it and loosely wrapped it around the lead to it so that if I got it through and yanked, it would unwind. Screwed it in will holding it with the wire....what a bitch. Fun challenge though.