well a weird thing happened to me a while back. i live in germany, and i decided it was time i watched scarface. so i went to a dvd shop and bought it (dvds have language choice).

so i was enjoying the film and i was really looking forward to watching this classic, but at various points in the film i thought, "wow, for a 'classic' the editing is pretty bad". it turns out that the german censor people had CUT OUT 22 MINUTES OF THE FILM!!?!?!!? and it was mostly coke snorting and violence, but there was plenty of that left in.

i only realised this when i was in england and i looked at the running time of the film there, and saw that it was 22 minutes longer compared to the german version. so i got the English version and i was highly satisfied.

why the hell would they cut out 22 minutes of coke and violence when the whole rest of the film revolves around these themes? and the german dvd age rating is a 16; the english one is an 18. if the germans thought i was "too much" for their audience they should have just made it an 18 as well.

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because the germans don't like violence any more? :S
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I know that RE4 wasn't allowed in germany until they made some serious changes to it, e.g no more decapitation etc. They seem v strict on stuff.
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Its probably to do with making money, if they can cut out a part of them film which isnt tomuch to do with the story line then they ca probably decrease the age rating, meaning that there is a larger potential audince which mean potential to make more money